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The Peter A. Norton Archive, 1955 - 1959, the Final Working Years ( Part 2)


Peter Norton died shortly before SCRS was formed, but he influenced the Society's formation through the publication of his "Railways and Waterways to Warrington" (Cheshire Libraries & Museums, 1984). This large format survey of the subject was well illustrated with many of his own photographs, taken from the mid-fifties.


The Sankey features prominently, and brought the then-derelict canal back into the attention of the general public. The book is described as a "Second Edition" - the first having been published in 1974 by the Railway and Canal Historical Society as a much smaller, unillustrated booklet under the title of "Waterways and Railways to Warrington".


Many of the additional illustrations in the later book were supplied by Society Members.Peter carried out research for a number of waterways authors, painstakingly copying out Boat Register entries, newspaper articles, and other data. His photographs have also appeared in the works of others.


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