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Stephenson's Viaduct

Stephenson's massive viaduct carried the Liverpool - Manchester Railway across the Sankey Valley - thus creating an historic crossing- place in England's transport history: The first English Canal of the Industrial Revolution being crossed by the first Scheduled Passenger Railway.


The scene featured in many publications, and in overseas guides to England.


Scans of prints not featured here would be most appreciated.


The line of George Stephenson's Liverpool to Manchester Railway crossed the Sankey Valley near Newton-le-Willows. The Viaduct he constructed there was the first major structure of the Railway Era, and created an historical transport crossing-place - the first true passenger railway over the first canal of the Industrial Revolution. To satisfy opposition from the Sankey Brook Navigation Company, the arches were built high enough to allow full-masted flats to pass beneath. The Viaduct cost £45,200 to construct, and is set on some 200 piles 20- 30 feet deep.



They are all drawn from the North, looking South, and date from the 1830's - apart from the first, which was published in about 1855.

There were a number of other prints published of this famous scene, and we would be interested in hearing from anyone who discovers one we do not already have in our Gallery.


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