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The Professor Theo Barker Archive - The Sankey Navigation

Professor Theo Barker's 1948 Thesis on the Sankey - "The Sankey Navigation", has been the bedrock of SCRS' claim on the primacy of the Canal among English industrial waterways. The thesis was published in the "Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire", 1948, Volume 100.


Professor Barker kindly consented to allow the Society to grant us permission to reproduce the article as a booklet (see our Publications page), and supplied us with copies of the original photographs used in that journal, along with some which were unpublished. This is the Archive, dating from 1948, presented here.

Professor Barker collaborated with JR Harris to produce "A Merseyside Town in the Industrial Revolution, 1750-1900" from their graduate research. The role of the Sankey in the development of St. Helens is fully explored in that work. This was published in 1954, and has recently been reprinted. It is a classic text of Industrial History and Archaeology.

In 1960 he published "Pilkington Brothers and the Glass Industry", and in 1977 "The Glassmakers - Pilkington, the rise of an international company".


Other works from him include: Histories of three London livery companies - The Girdlers (1957); the Carpenters (with BWE Alford 1968); the Pewterers (with MJ Hatcher, 1974); "The History of London Transport (with RM Robbins) Vol.1, 1974, Vol.2, 1976; a revised edn. of CI Savage's "Economic History of Transport", 1975.


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